1) Black Friday is before Thanksgiving. a) True b) False c) Not stated 2) When does Thanksgiving occur? a) on the 4th Thursday of November b) on the 4th Thursday of October c) on the 4th Wednesday of November 3) Black Friday is ... a) a public holiday in the USA b) not a public holiday c) not a public holiday but it's a day off 4) In the USA, many stores have ... a) Cheaper prices on BF b) More products on BF c) More expensive prices on BF 5) What do people do to be the first in the shop? a) They help each other b) They push and fight c) They shout and call the police 6) To be "in the black" mean ... a) making a loss b) losing money c) making a profit 7) What other countries have BF events? a) Monaco, Italy, China, Japan b) Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico c) Peru, France, Spain, New Zealand 8) What is the name of BF online version? a) Cyber Friday b) Cyber Sunday c) Cyber Monday 9) Black Friday is important for ... a) all people b) retailers (shops) c) shop assistants 10) Black Friday starts pre-christmas trading. a) True b) False c) Not stated




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