We got a taxi so we weren't late., She broke her old glasses and had to buy new ones., Jane's exhausted so she won't go out tonight., The dog got out because Harry had left the door open., They had an accident because the road was icy., We didn't realise you were coming so we didn't wait., She/ lend us money/ even if [your idea]., He/ call so late/ unless [your idea]., Supposing/ he/ decline the offer/ [your idea] ?, Sam/ invite them/ unless [your idea]., Even if/ they/ win the game/ [your idea]., Should/ change your mind/ [your idea]., Supposing/ it/ too hot for hiking tomorrow/ [your idea] ?, Provided/ papers in order/ [your idea]., If/ happen/ be in the area/ [your idea]., It would have been cheaper..., Supposing you win/ won a lot of cash, ...?, If you hadn't forgotten..., I could never work for that company..., If you'd listened carefully, ..., They wouldn't protest so often....


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