1) Something larger than your hand 2) Something cube shaped 3) Something that rhymes with tall 4) Something rough or bumpy 5) Something old 6) Something brown 7) Something smooth 8) Item of jewelry 9) Item of clothing 10) Two things that are exactly the same 11) Something soft 12) Something shiny 13) Something that is very special to you! 14) Something that's your favorite color 15) Something with exactly 3 sounds 16) Something noisy 17) Something you can read 18) Something cold 19) Something that ends with /m/ 20) Something that is made of wood 21) Something with 2 syllables 22) Something that opens and closes 23) A type of fruit 24) A one syllable item 25) Something shaped like a sphere 26) Something that is long 27) A type of utensil/silverware 28) Something that rhymes with up and starts with /c/ 29) Something round 30) Something stretchy 31) Something that starts with /t/ 32) Something that ends with the digraph ch 33) Something that starts with the L sound 34) Something that rhymes with moo and starts with sh 35) Something with the /o/ sound in the middle

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