1) Christmas celebrates the birthday of ...? a) Santa b) My Mum c) Jesus d) Rudolph 2) Santa's other names are ... a) Santa Nick Pole b) Santa Claus c) St Nicolas d) Father Christmas 3) What animal pulls Santa's sleigh? a) Guinea Pigs b) Deer c) Reindeer d) Swans 4) What is the name of the Santa's reindeer with the famous red nose? a) Blizten b) Dancer c) Rudolph d) Donna 5) What are Santa's helpers called? a) Oompa Loompas b) Elves c) Cats d) Children 6) Where does Santa live? a) South Pole b) Neverland c) North Pole d) My House 7) How does Santa get into the house? a) through a door b) through a chimney c) through a window d) through a floor 8) What does Santa drink and eat at people's houses? a) Water and bread b) Milk and honey c) Milk and Christmas pudding d) Nothing 9) What does Santa say? a) Ha-ha-ha b) He-He-He c) Hi-Hi-Hi d) Ho-ho-ho 10) What word from the song "Jingle bells" is missing here? "... on bobtails ring, making spirits bright" a) Bells b) Lights c) Smells d) Hells




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