although - Nobody answered the door *** there was light in the upstairs window., whether - She can't decide *** she should stay or go., despite - She went to the party *** her boyfriend's protests., until - We danced *** morning and had lots of fun., but - He expected to get a good score *** was disappointed to get only 62%., unless - I'll go out with you *** I fail to finish homework before 6., where - Everybody wanted to know *** he had been to., how - We all wondered *** it had happened., which - These creatures, *** are often thought of as cute, are in fact quite aggressive., while - It was *** I was travelling around Germany that I met my future husband., nor - I didn't feel like cooking, and *** did my sister, so we just ordered a pizza., also - Not only was it tiring but *** uninteresting., as - The field was a carpet of purple flowers *** far as the eye could see., instead - We decided to go there by train *** of flying., due - My poor result was *** to mistakes in calculations.,




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