1) Technical term for the process of putting nature's lessons into practice. a) biography (dt. Biografie) b) biodiversity (dt. Biodiversität) c) biohazard (dt. Biogefährdung) d) biomimetic (dt. Biomimikry) 2) The lotus  effect is a self-cleaning effect found in nature, which runs under which technical term? a) ultrahydrodrolyse b) superhydrophobicity c) omegashedding d) acrophobia 3) Which issues arrise on ship surfaces under water over time? a) resisting b) fouling c) deforestation d) acidification e) composting f) ice-melting 4) Why are sharkskin surfaces interesting for technical use? a) drag-reducing (anti-fouling) b) stress reduction c) lotus-effect d) bullet-proof (kugelsicher) 5) Sharks possess dermal denticles. What are they? a) regrowing teeth b) dorsal fin (Rückenflosse) c) eye-structure d) V-shaped scales 6) Do dermal denticles vary between shark species? a) Yes! b) No! 7) Fouling causes an increase in friction on ships. Why is that an issue? a) It just looks bad. b) It increases fuel consumption. c) They could sink. d) It's not an issue.




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