1) It started to rain, so we headed ... the nearest snack bar. a) at b) for c) toward d) in 2) Since it was the girl's first trip abroad, her family came to see her ... a) out b) away c) off d) down 3) I like to stay in the city centre, where the major attractions are ... walking distance a) within b) without c) in d) at 4) Exploring ... foot allows you to feel the atmosphere of the place. a) by b) on c) off d) in 5) Oh no! We've missed out stop! We'll have to get ... at the next one and walk back. a) away b) off c) down d) out 6) The starting time of the guided tour has been put ... . It is now 1:45, not 1:30.  a) away b) up c) off d) down 7) The driver dropped us ... at the foot of the hill because cars aren't allowed to drive all the way to the castle. a) down b) by c) out d) off 8) Because of a technical issue, the plane didn't take ... until half an hour later than scheduled. a) up b) out c) away d) off 9) It's been ages since I went ... vacation/ a trip. a) on b) at c) out on d) for 10) In order to reach Machu Picchu, we must set ... at 4 a.m. a) off b) up c) away d) out




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