1) Doing sport helps you *** as a person. a) bring up b) raise c) grow d) rise 2) "Mens sana in corpore sano" is a Latin phrase that means "A healthy *** in a healthy body". a) mind b) brain c) thought d) head 3) Many boys like energetic, fast-*** sports. a) -sped b) -speed c) -paced d) -play 4) Some prefer individual sports while others choose *** ones. a) crew b) group c) team d) bunch 5) It's a great feeling of achievement when you *** the other team. a) beat b) hit c) win d) down 6) In soccer, you must use your feet but not your hands to *** a goal. a) point b) make c) kick d) score e) do f) achieve 7) Having a *** something new is good for your brain. a) go at b) go for c) try out d) try of 8) You don't have to *** a sports club to work out - you can do it at home or in a park! a) take part in b) sign up c) join d) enter 9) Children should be given a(n) *** to be involved in activities and competitions. a) chance b) try c) shot d) opportunity 10) Playing as a team makes you work toward a common ***. a) destination b) goal c) objective d) limit e) intention f) result 11) Those who like team sports enjoy a sense of *** to a group - they like being one with other people. a) ownership b) participation c) acceptance d) belonging 12) This game is so much fun you'll likely get a terrific *** from playing it! a) buzz b) drone c) whiz d) humdrum




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