1) I _______ this book for the whole evening. a) have been reading b) has been reading c) have read d) have been read 2) He _______ two letters. a) have written b) has written c) have been writing d) has been writing 3) I ______ since 4 o'clock. a) have written b) has written c) have been writing d) has been writing 4) My brother ______ TV all day. a) have watched  b) has watched c) have been watching d) has been watching 5) She ______ to Paris. a) have never been b) has never been c) have never been being d) have been 6) We _____ him for half an hour, but can't get through. a) have phoned b) has phoned c) have been phoning d) have been phoned 7) How long _____ for Olga? a) have you waited b) have you been waiting c) have been you waiting d) you have waiting 8) My mother is in the kitchen. She _____ all morning. a) have been cooking b) has been cooking c) have cooked d) has cook 9) What __________ since he left for London? a) John has been doing b) has been John doing c) has John been doing d) has been doing John 10) _____ your homework? - Not yet. a) Have you done b) You have done c) Have done you d) Do you done 11) My granny _____ for years. a) has not worked b) have not worked c) has worked not d) have not work 12) Why is his face so red? - He _____ in the sun. a) have been lying b) has been lying c) has lie d) have been liing

Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous




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