INTRODUCE THE TOPIC: *** is an issue that generates heated debates., The problem of *** is becoming more and more pressing/serious/urgent in the modern world. , *** is often discussed in today's world., INTRODUCE OPINION: I strongly believe..., It is my firm belief that..., I am inclined to think that..., I hold the opinion that..., The view I support is that..., FIRST ARGUMENT: To begin with,, First and foremost,, The first thing to take into account is that..., SECOND ARGUMENT: Another point in favour of this view..., What is more,, Furthermore,, In addition,, Moreover,, DISAGREE WITH OPPONENTS: I tend to disagree with this viewpoint., What these people fail to consider, however, is that..., While this is a valid point, it can be argued that..., Despite the validity of this argument, I am inclined to argue to the contrary,, CONCLUDE: Although there may be risks involved, ..., The advantages definitely outweigh the drawbacks., By doing ***, more is to be gained than lost., Following the course of action I favour is preferable/ profitable/ beneficial., Although many arguments exist in support of both views, ..., ...I find those in favour of *** most convincing.,




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