1) We were driving to the airport when our car broke ***. a) up b) apart c) down 2) Due to global warming, large pieces break *** icebergs every day. a) up b) off c) down 3) When the thunderstorm broke ***, we got very wet as we didn't have our umbrellas. a) out b) up c) down 4) Although at first he disagreed, I was able to bring him *** in the end. a) up b) down c) round 5) Another wave of COVID can bring *** more economic problems. a) in b) round c) about 6) When he heard the bad news, he broke *** like a child. a) about b) off c) down 7) When we came back from our holiday, someone had *** into our home! a) broke b) broken c) breaked 8) Many people who are now famous and successful were *** up in poor neighbourhoods. a) brought b) broken c) bringing 9) Fortunately, when the fire started, the horse *** out of the building and escaped. a) broke b) break c) brought 10) Our history teacher told us about the many factors that *** about World War I. a) brought b) broke c) bring




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