1) When I first came to London, I was surprised because I... to see so many immigrants. a) haven't expected b) haven't been expecting c) hadn't expected d) wasn't expected 2) She hasn't been studying properly, that's why she... the exam. a) 's failed b) 's been failing c) failed d) was failing 3) I'm starving! I... anything since morning! a) haven't eaten b) haven't been eating c) didn't eat d) hadn't eaten 4) When we reached the peak, we were exhausted because we... for 9 hours. a) have climbed b) have been climbing c) were climbing d) had been climbing 5) Born in the 1890s, he ... a lot in his life. a) has experienced b) has been experiencing c) experienced d) had experienced 6) I was angry with myself because I... to book the restaurant. a) haven't remembered b) hadn't remembered c) forgot d) have forgotten 7) I can't wait to see my friend again - because of the quarantine, we... each other for ages! a) haven't seen b) haven't been seeing c) weren't seeing d) didn't see 8) I'm sorry, I can't pay. I... all my money. a) 've spent b) 've been spending c) spent d) 'd spent 9) He felt lonely when he moved to the city because he... anyone. a) didn't know b) hadn't been knowing c) wasn't knowing d) hadn't known 10) We didnt' recognize him at first because he... a long beard! a) has grown b) grew c) had grown d) had been growing 11) I... good reviews for this book. I'll buy it! a) 've read b) 'd read c) was reading d) read 12) I couldn't find my phone because my cat... it behind the armchair! a) dropped b) has dropped c) was dropped d) had dropped 13) I can't go swimming with you! I... my swimsuit at home. a) left b) 'd leave c) 'd left d) 've left 14) When we arrived at Sam's place, most of the guests ... there. a) were already b) had already been c) have already been d) were already being 15) The kids... some Halloween cookies. Everything was covered in flour! a) have made b) have been making c) had been made d) had been making 16) The movie... by the time we arrived at the cinema. a) has begun b) has been started c) was starting d) had begun 17) You look stressed. You... too hard lately. a) 've worked b) 've been working c) were working d) are working 18) We... out of milk. Can you run to the store and get some? a) ran b) 've run c) 'd run d) have been running 19) Didn't you know Stella is with Mark? They... going out for a month! a) are b) have c) have been d) had been 20) I didn't realise Mom... the cake for the party, and bought one more. a) has bought b) had bought c) was buying d) bought




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