Encourage collaboration: I'd like your input on this., Are we in agreement on this?, Is that unanimous?, Let's put our heads together and see what we can come up with., Does anybody have any objections to that?, Let's pool our ideas on this., Offer suggestions: The most sensible thing to do..., We'll do much better to..., Our best bet..., ...would be a smart move., Object to a suggestion: Put any ideas of... out of your mind., We shouldn't even think of..., We should resist the temptation to..., There's not much point in..., Under no circumstances should we..., Advise caution: We need to take our time on this., I'm in two minds about this., This calls for careful consideration., I don't want us rushing into things., This requires serious thought., We should keep our options open., Commit to a decision: I don't see any other option but to go ahead., I'm going to go with my gut instinct on this one., That's the course of action we'll take., Consider pros & cons: That's a big plus, as far as I'm concerned. But let's look at the minuses., That's the upside. What about the possible downsides?, Why don't we weigh up the advantages and disadvantages?,




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