Strong disagreement: Quite the contrary., I can't share this view., On the contrary, ..., There's no way I could agree with that., What you fail to take into account is..., You've got to be kidding!, Polite disagreement/ Partial agreement: Perhaps, but what about...?, I'm afraid I don't see it that way., I'm not so sure., But don't you think ...?, True enough, but..., I see what you mean, but..., You have a point, but..., It's not as simple as it may seem., With due respect, I think you are forgetting..., That's one way of looking at it, but..., I agree up to a point., I'm not sure I agree entirely., Strong agreement: You're absolutely right., That's just what I was thinking., Exactly./ Absolutely., You definitely have a point here., There's no doubt about that., I couldn't agree more., I'm with you on this one., My thoughts exactly.,




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