1) What is the process that breaks down landforms and rocks into smaller pieces? a) erosion b) weathering c) tornado 2) What do you call the different pieces that makeup soil? a) sediment b) pebbles c) rocks 3) What happened to this rock? a) it was weathered by rain b) it was weathered by wind c) it was weathered by ice 4) What happened to this rock formation? a) it was weathered by wind b) nothing happened to it c) it was weathered by water 5) The movement of sediments, or soil, from one place to another by some kind of force is... a) Erosion b) Weathering c) Sediment 6) What do you think eroded this sand? a) wind b) water c) ice 7) What do you think caused this erosion? a) wind b) ice c) waves 8) What is NOT a type of sediment? a) clay b) sand c) water 9) What is the process that breaks down rock through chemical changes? a) physical weathering b) chemical weathering c) weathering 10) What is an example of chemical weathering? a) water b) acid c) both of these are 11) Rocks are physically broken down into smaller pieces... a) chemical weathering b) physical weathering c) earth weathering 12) Which of these is a cause of physical weathering? a) freezing and thawing b) sand c) sky 13) When ice breaks apart rocks as big as mountains... a) ice weathering b) chemical weathering c) ice wedging 14) True or false... Physical weathering can change what the rock is made of... a) True b) False 15) Chemical or physical weathering? a) Chemical b) Physical c) Neither





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