"Yes/ No/ I don't know": Absolutely!, No doubt about that., Definitely., Without a shadow of a doubt., Certainly./ Of course., I'm not sure., It's anyone's guess., No idea., Not really., Absolutely not., Not at all., I don't think so., Quite the contrary., "I think...": Personally, I believe, The way I see it, In my opinion, I guess, My view is that, I suppose, I'd say, linkers of contrast: On the one hand... On the other hand..., However, By contrast, Even so, Although/ Even though, linkers of cause/effect: As a result/ consequence, Because of that, This is why, That's because, Consequently, stalling for time: I haven't thought of this before., It's a tough question to answer., Let me think/ see..., That's a tricky question., It's difficult to answer this off-hand.,




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