1) What happens if we don't sleep enough? a) We lose weight quickly. b) We may have problems with our hearts. c) Our brain activity is increased. d) Our immune system has to work harder. e) We may become depressed. f) Our brains form more memories and remember things better. 2) What are the benefits of exercise? a) It helps you control your weight. b) It improves your sleep. c) It can boost your energy levels. d) It reduces the risk of heart disease. e) It can help you grow taller. f) It reduces depression, anxiety and stress. 3) What are the benefits of meditation? a) It helps you fight insomnia and sleep better. b) It reduces stress and anxiety. c) It lowers blood pressure. d) It makes your brain grow bigger. e) It improves your attention span. f) It helps you wake up faster in the morning. 4) Why do we need to spend time in the sun? a) It gives our immune system a boost. b) It improves our mood. c) It improves blood flow. d) It strengthens our bones. e) It may help with some skin conditions. f) It makes the heart beat faster. 5) Why are crosswords and puzzles good for us? a) They improve brain and memory function. b) They take the focus away from problems. c) They improve our eyesight. d) They make a person a better speaker. e) Completing them gives us a sense of achievement. f) They promote active learning.




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