Technology came a long way in the last century, the second half of which saw more changes than in the previous two hundred years. Penicillin was ____ and used to treat infections; there were ____ in medicine that helped to increase our ____ beyond that of our ancestors. ____ such as television changed the way people spent their leisure hours. Perhaps the most ____, however, was the microchip. Nobody could have imagined, when it had just been ____, that within a matter of years this tiny piece of silicon and circuitry would be found in almost every household object, from the kettle to the recorder. Similarly, nobody could have predicted the sudden proliferation of computers that brought about____in our lives, allowing us to access information from the other side of the world via the ____ or send messages using email at the touch of a button. Nowadays, research into other aspects of ____ has made it easier and cheaper for us to talk to friends and relations around the world. Everything, however, has a price. The development of cybernetics resulted in ____ in factories, which in turn caused an unemployment crisis. The genius of Einstein, while paving the way for quantum physics, led to the horrors of the atomic bomb and the dangerous uncertainties of ____ - we hear about accidents and mishaps at nuclear power plants where ____ to prevent accidents were inadequate. ____ can be considered a major step forward as it boosts the productivity of farms, but the debate is as heated as before about whether putting modified foods onto the market before ____ was one of the most irresponsible decisions of the 1990s. Meanwhile, despite the actions of animal rights activists, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies continue to ____ on animals, a move that many consider cruel and unnecessary. We rely more and more on modern science and technology to improve our lives. One thing we need to make sure of, though, is that we can control is before it controls us.




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