I am lying down, listening to my favorite song. Everything is peaceful and quiet. I feel..., I just finished all of my work for the day. I feel..., My mom just gave me the best birthday present! I feel..., The teacher is talking about Japanese culture. I have always wanted to learn more about this subject. I feel..., My class just won a pizza party for selling the most tickets! I feel..., I did not know that my brother was coming to my recital! I feel..., I do not understand this job assignment at all. I feel..., My friend has not called me back all day. He should have arrived home by now. I feel..., I have to give a presentation in front of the entire class. My hands are shaking. I feel..., I just heard a loud noise outside my window! I feel..., I woke up late this morning and forgot my phone and my lunch. I feel..., I have been listening to the teacher’s lecture for 2 hours. I feel..., My mom and I got in a big fight and now I cannot go to the movies after school. I feel..., That guy keeps bumping into me in the hallway and he makes really rude comments. I feel..., This bathroom is really dirty and I don’t want to touch anything in here. I feel..., I made a D on the test, but I studied so hard. I feel..., Leslie and I were supposed to go to the mall together, but she went with Susan instead. I feel..., My dog Max died last week. I feel..., I don’t want to get out of bed or do anything at all. I feel....





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