1) The first amendment protects which of the following? a) Freedom of grocery stores b) Freedom of Spotify c) Freedom of Religion 2) The second amendment protects? a) The right to a bear's arms b) The right to go to the beach with bare arms c) The right to bare arms (own arms) 3) The third amendment says__________________________? a) The government can house troops in your home. b) The government cannot house troops in private homes. c) The government has to ask your neighbors before they place troops in your home. 4) The fifth amendment protects against _________? a) Self-incrimination. b) Makes sure citizens get due process. c) Being tried for the exact same crime twice. d) Private property being seized without just compensation. e) All of these answers are correct f) Only A and D are correct. 5) The sixth amendment guarantees____________? a) A slow trial by a jury of one's peers. b) A speedy trial by a jury of one's enemies. c) A speedy trial by a jury of one's peers. 6) The seventh amendment______________________? a) Provides that only criminal cases are tried by jury. b) Provides that civil cases also be tried by jury. c) Provides that no one gets a trial by jury. 7) The eighth amendment prohibits______________________ a) Excessive grocery store totals. b) Excessive bail and fines c) Cruel and unusual punishment. d) None of these e) Both B &C 8) The Ninth amendment____________________ a) States that people only have the rights listed. b) States that people have rights not listed c) States that the Constitution expressly lists the rights and there are no others. 9) The fourth amendment says a) The government must have a warrant issued by a judge. b) The government does not have to have a warrant to search and or seize property. c) The government can have a warrant issued by a lawyer and only the lawyer may search property. 10) The tenth amendment ___________________________________ a) Gives only one or two powers not specifically listed to the states or the people b) Gives no powers not specifically listed to the states or the people c) Gives all powers not specifically given to the US government in the Constitution to the states or the people.




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