brought, wrought, daughter, taught, brought, thoughtful, haughty, naughty, fought, thought, sought, onslaught, ought, fraught, slaughter, James was against the slaughter of live animals. He was a vegetarian and did not eat meat. (+2 extra points), The naughty child brought a live snake to school on Wednesday for show and tell! (+1 extra point), I thought the whole event last Monday was a big waste of time. My daughter agreed. (+1 extra point), The French Army fought bravely against the Dutch Army on that stormy night in May. (+ 1 extra point), They lost the battle, even though they thought that they could win. (+1 extra point), Many men were slaughtered. (+1 extra point), Boom! Lose 2 points., Kaboom!! Give 2 of your points to each opponent!, Yippee!! You get an extra turn!, Yippee!! Take 3 points from one opponent!.

Boom!! Words and sentences for aught/ought




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