Ivan Allen, Jr. - Mayor who brought professional sports to Atlanta , William Hartsfield - Atlanta mayor who served longer than any other, Braves - Atlanta’s baseball team (MLB), Hawks - Atlanta’s basketball team (NBA), Falcons - Atlanta’s football team (NFL), Rayon/nylon - Synthetic fibers that reduced the need for cotton, Urban - After WWII most of Georgia’s population was ___, Rural - Before WWII most of Georgia’s population was ___, Tractor - New agricultural technology that reduced the need for workers, Airport - Mayor Hartsfield helped bring Atlanta’s first ___, Economy - Mayor Allen brought professional sports to boost Atlanta’s___, Milwaukee - Where the Braves moved to Atlanta from, St. Louis - Where the Hawks moved to Atlanta from, Ellis Arnall - Governor of Georgia who defeated E. Talmadge and helped Blacks, Fertilizer/pesticides - Agricultural technology that helped farmers produce more from their land, Hate - Under Hartsfield, then Allen, Atlanta was known as "The City Too Busy to ___",




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