Columbian Exchange - Exchange of resources and goods between Europe and North America after 1492, Fundament Orders of Connecticut - Self-governing agreement written between three towns in 1639 to protect the interests of its citizens, House of Burgesses - Representative assembly established in the colony of Virginia, Jamestown - The first English colony settled in the New World in 1607 for economic reasons, Mayflower Compact - Self-governing agreement reached by the Pilgrims in 1620, Colonization - Settling a new area for the purpose of religious freedom, economic gain, or political power, England - Country that claimed most of the Atlantic coast in North America, Plantations - Large farming operations primarily operated in the Southern colonies, Religious Freedom - Ability to choose and follow one's own spiritual beliefs, Representative Government - System of government based on the public election of lawmakers, Self-government - Government control by those who are most immediately affected and influenced,




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