suburb - area outside of a city (urban area), generally a residential area, satellite nation - countries surrounding the Soviet Union and under the influence of Soviet Communist policies, satellite - a man-made object sent into orbit around the Earth, Iron Curtain - the name given to the separation between Eastern and Western Europe, not a physical separation with the exception of the Berlin Wall, communism - the political and economic idea that all resources and work are shared; in the Soviet Union this became twisted into a totalitarian government that controlled everything, baby boom - time between 1946 and 1964 when there was an increase in the number of children being born, Cold War - a time of increased tension between the United States and the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R) not resulting in physical fighting between the two nations, blockade - preventing people or goods from entering or leaving an area, domino theory - the fear that, if one country fell to communism, then it’s neighboring countries would too, containment - a policy of trying to keep Communist ideas from spreading to other countries, Berlin Wall - a physical barrier built between the eastern Communist side and the western democratic side of Berlin, Germany, airlift - to bring supplies to or from an area via airplane,




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