Indian Removal Act - Native Americans living in the southeastern U.S. were ask to relocate in exchange for supplies, weapons and new land in present-day Oklahoma, Trail of Tears - forced removal of the Cherokee Indians , Worcester vs. Georgia - Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokees were an independent community subject to national but not state laws, Nullification Crisis - central issue was whether or not states had the right to declare a federal law unconstitutional, Spoils System - Practice of appointing unqualified individuals to government jobs, Common Man - nickname given to Jackson because he was the first president not born to wealth, Jacksonian Democracy - there was expanded suffrage due to the removal of property qualification in order to vote, Election of 1824 - Jackson won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote in what he referred to as the "corrupt bargain" election, Election 1828 - expanded suffrage contributed to Jackson's election in 1828, South Carolina - state that threatened to secede during the Nullification Crisis, Andrew Jackson - 7th president of the United States; Democrat,




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