1865-1877 - years during which the Reconstruction period occurred, Reconstruction - time period after the Civil War when the South had to be rebuilt, sharecropping - system in which plantation owners provided livestock, tools, and land to former slaves in exchange for a share of the crop, carpetbagger - term used to refer to northerners who went South, scalawag - term used to refer to Southerners who had sides with the North during the Civil War, Radical Republicans - group of northern Congressmen who wanted freedmen to be granted full political equality, 14th amendment - granted citizenship to former slaves, 15th amendment - gave black men the right to vote, 13th amendment - abolished slavery, Reconstruction Act - established direct military rule over former Confederate states until new governments could be formed. Divided the south into 5 military districts., freedman - term that refers to a former slave, Hiram Rhodes Revels - first African-American elected to Congress, Freedman's Bureau - organization established to help former slaves with food, clothing and medical care, literacy tests - needed to be taken and passed in order to vote, poll taxes - had to be paid in order to vote, Ten Percent Plan - Lincoln's plan for readmitting former Confederate states into the Union once 10% of voters pledged allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, Andrew Johnson - lenient towards the south; allowed Southern state governments to be made up of former Confederates, Radical Reconstruction - Republicans in Congress wanted to punish the South for its role in the Civil War,




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