Lexington & Concord - first battles of the American Revolution, Bunker Hill - a loss for the colonies but boosted their morale, Trenton - Washington & the Continental Army cross the Delaware River, Saratoga - turning point of the American Revolution resulting in a French alliance, Winter at Valley Forge - Continental Army suffered from hunger and disease; a training camp, Yorktown - last battle of the American Revolution; America wins independence, Treaty of Paris 1783 - officially ends the war; Great Britain recognizes American independence, Declaration of Independence - 13 colonies announce their separation from England, Second Continental Congress - meeting of the colonies where they decide to form a Continental Army and draft a declaration of independence , Common Sense - pamphlet written by Thomas Paine which persuaded colonists to support independence from England, George Washington - commander in chief of the continental army , Crispus Attucks - first person killed in the Boston Massacre, Abigail Adams - wrote Remember the Ladies , Thomas Paine  - author of Common Sense, Samuel Adams - leader of the Sons of Liberty. organized boycotts, Marquis de Lafayette - Frenchmen that helped during the American Revolution to train soldiers, French and Indian War - England wins but gets large debt. Will start to tax colonists , Taxation without Representation - Colonists' battle cry. States that they were not being advised or listened to,

People, Battles, and Events of the American Revolution




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