1754-1763 French & Indian War - British colonists fighting against French & Indians over Ohio River Valley land, 1763 Proclamation Line - King forbid colonists to settle west of Appalachian Mountains, 1764 Sugar Act - tax on molasses, 1765 Stamp Act - tax on legal documents including newspapers, licenses, dice, playing cards, 1765 Quartering Act - British soldiers staying in colonists homes, 1770 Boston Massacre - Civilians insulted soldiers & threw snowballs; 5 killed by British soldiers including Crispus Attucks, 1770 Townshend Acts - tax on glass, paper, lead, silk & tea, 1773 Tea Act - tax on tea that led to Boston Tea Party, 1774 Boston Tea Party - civil disobedience; colonists known as the Sons of Liberty dumped tea into Boston Harbor protesting Tea Act, 1774 Intolerable (Coercive) Act - severe laws given by King because of Boston Tea Party; closed Boston Harbor & cancelled town meetings, 1774 First Continental Congress - representatives from colonies met to discuss grievances against King & England; wrote Olive Branch Petition to cancel Intolerable Acts,




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