1) Which of the following is not true about slave auctions? a) Enslaved people were treated like animals when being sold at an auction b) A healthy slave was worth more money to a plantation owner c) Families would be sold together to prevent them from being separated d) A child was worth $500, a woman was $800 and men were $1000 2) What does "Cotton was king" mean? a) It exceeded the value of all other American products combined. b) The person who produces the most cotton will become a top leader in USA. c) You were treated like royalty if you produced cotton. 3) What was a major consequence of the Cotton Gin? a) Slavery was abolished b) Tobacco prices fell c) The demand for slaves increased d) The demand for cotton went down 4) The importation of slaves to the United States originated in this continent a) Portugal b) Spain c) Mexico d) Africa 5) What % of Slaveholders owned 100 + slaves? a) 6.6% b) 0.1% c) 76.1% d) 1.72




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