1) Energy from the ________ travels to earth as light. a) Sugar b) Water c) Sun d) Carbon Dioxide 2) Leaves take in ___________ from the air a) Carbon Dioxide b) Oxygen c) Water d) Sugar 3) Plants release ________ into the air a) Sugar b) Oxygen c) Carbon Dioxide d) Chlorophyll 4) The green pigment ___________ in leaves captures the energy of sunlight. a) Sun b) Chlorophyll c) Sugar d) Water 5) During photosynthesis _________ is produced in leaf cells. The plant uses this for food. a) Sun b) Chlorophyll c) Oxygen d) Sugar 6) In many plants, roots take in ________ from the soil. a) sun b) water c) sugar d) carbon dioxide 7) Where do decomposers get nitrogen? a) from living plants b) from living animals c) from water d) from dead plants and animals 8) Which three things do plants need to grow? a) air, rocks, water b) sunlight, air, rocks c) sunlight, air, water d) sunlight, water, rocks 9) Which is not needed for all animals to survive a) Soil b) Food c) Air d) Water 10) When drawing a food chain, what should you draw to start the food chain? a) a plant b) the sun c) another animal d) a decomposer




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