Where do animals get the oxygen they need?, Name the different parts of the plant, Why are the roots of a plant so important?, What is the function of a plant's flower?, What does a plant need to produce food?, Describe a life cycle., What do plants need to grow? What do animals need to live?, Why do animals need shelter?, What is one thing that HUMANS need, that other animals DO NOT need?, How does the nervous system help our body?, How does the digestive system help our body?, How does the skeletal system help our body?, How does the respiratory system help our body?, What bone protects your brain?, How many bones are in the adult human body?, How do our lungs help us?.


Τροχός της τύχης είναι ένα ανοικτό πρότυπο. Δεν δημιουργεί βαθμολογίες πίνακα κατάταξης.



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