What does diversity mean?, What is a habitat?, Habitats include _________________ things that meet the needs of living things., What kind of habitat would you find many tall trees and colorful plants?, In which habitat would you find a cactus?, Where might you find arctic moss?, In which habitat would you find grasses and bushes?, Explain the difference between a marsh and a swamp., A giraffe has a long neck that helps it eat from tall trees in its habitat. It's long neck helps it survive! What would you call this characteristic?, Name an adaptation that a fish has., A large body of salt water is an ____________., A ______________ is a water habitat that has fresh flowing water., Describe a wetland..




Τροχός της τύχης είναι ένα ανοικτό πρότυπο. Δεν δημιουργεί βαθμολογίες πίνακα κατάταξης.

Αλλαγή προτύπου


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