If a chemical spills you should: - Tell a teacher immediately!, If you have long hair you should: - Put it up in a ponytail, Necklaces & jewelry should: - Be put away , BEFORE working with chemicals you should: - Always wear gloves and follow directions, When appropriate, wear: - your lab apron, If you get chemicals in your eye: - use the eyewash station for 15 minutes!, BEFORE working with chemicals: - read the SDS to know how to use and dispose of them, and what to do in an emergency!, when working with chemicals per teachers directions - ALWAYS wear goggles:, when working with chemicals - wear closed-toed shoes, In case of fire: - use the fire extinguisher or fire blanket!, When heating test tubes: - NEVER point them at anyone!, If glassware breaks: - don't throw it in the trash, TELL the teacher!,





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