1) What is the Mediterranean Diet? a) Foods from all of the countries and regions that surround the Mediterranean Sea. b) A diet for sailors. c) Foods from Italy and Greece. 2) Where is the Mediterranean Sea? a) It is between Italy and Greece. b) It is near the Pacific Ocean. c) It is near the Atlantic ocean. 3) The Mediterranean Sea is to the North, South, West or East? a) To the north b) To the south c) To the east d) To the west 4) How big is the Mediterranean Sea? a) It is as big as the Aegean Sea. b) It is about 20,500,000 km2. c) Its west–east length is about 4,000 kilometres (2,500 mi). 5) How many countries border the Mediterranean Sea? a) 5 countries b) 23 countries c) 24 countries 6) How many capitals are there in the Mediterranean sea? a) There are five capitals. b) There are 24 capitals. c) There are 23 capitals. 7) Which is the biggest country in the Mediterranean Sea? a) Spain b) Turkey c) Algeria 8) Which country is bigger, Algeria, France or Spain? a) Algeria b) France c) Spain 9) Which is the biggest city in the Mediterranean Sea? a) Rome b) New York c) Alexandria 10) How many islands are there in the Mediterranean sea? a) About 10.000 islands and islets b) About 100.000 islands c) 1000 islands 11) Which are the two biggest islands in the Mediterranean Sea? a) Crete and Malta b) Cyprus and Malta c) Sicily and Sardenia 12) How many languages are spoken in the Mediterranean Sea? a) 21 languages b) 13 official languages c) 8 unofficial languages 13) Why is the Mediterranean sea so small compared to the other seas? a) It used to be part of the Atlantic ocean but now it is seperated. b) It is a little small but it is very deep. c) It is not small. It is one of the biggest seas in the world. 14) How deep is the Mediterranean sea? a) Its average depth is 150 metres. b) It is not deep because it is very small. c) The deepest point is in the Calypso deep in the Ionian sea. It is 5.267 metres. 15) Which is the biggest Mediterranean bordering continent? Asia, Europe or Africa? a) Asia b) Africa c) Europe 16) Is the Mediterranean sea clean? a) The water is crystal clear. b) Sadly, it is polluted. c) It is polluted but if we all help, we can clean and protect it. 17) How many foods are Mediterranean? a) Not many b) Too many to count c) 7 foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and heart-healthy fats. 18) Do these foods taste good? a) They are yummy! b) They are disgusting! c) They are healthy and delicious! 19) Which is the most popular food in the Mediterranean sea? a) pizza b) cheeseburger c) potatoes 20) In which country do they eat lots of pizza? a) Italy b) Greece c) Norway




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