I forgot to take home my homework assignments., I don’t know what homework I have to do., I forgot to turn in my completed homework., I don’t know when and how my teachers assign homework., I forgot to take home my books and supplies., I wait until the last minute to start my homework and studies. , I leave supplies at home that need to come to school. , I often forget when assignments are due., I don’t have a regular study space and time. , I don’t know how to break projects into smaller tasks. , I have trouble finding things in my binders/folders. , I have trouble finding things in my backpack. , I fall behind in school when I am absent. , I have no idea what’s going on in class. , I forgot to study for a test/quiz., I left my project at home., Sometimes my parents had to do my work. , Sometimes I write notes in the wrong notebook., The agenda pad does not work for me., My Google Drive is a mess., My parents forgot to tell me what I had to do for homework., I took my little brother’s backpack to school., Sometimes I'm still getting my stuff out while the rest of the class has started on their work! .





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