1) The_________ of the bomb scared me. a) exploshun b) explosion  c) explotion d) explozion 2) What ________ are you visiting this summer? a) nashun b) nasion c) natun d) nation 3) The ____________ was signed in 1782. a) Constitution b) Konstision c) Constitsion d) Constitushun 4) The fog effected my ________. a) vizon b) vition c) vision d) vishun 5) Ms. Ellis said to read for _____________. a) comprehention b) comprehenzion c) comprehension d) comprehenshun 6) Drums and bells are _______________ in the band a) percussion b) percusstion c) perkushun d) percuzhun 7) Don't forget to put on suntan __________! a) losion b) loshun c) lozhun d) lotion 8) Bats use __________ to find food. a) echolocation b) echolocasion c) echolokashun d) echolocasun 9) Fortnite is an __________ for many kids. a) obsesstion b) obsession c) obsesszun d) obsesshun 10) The girl put the ___________ on her dress. a) karnation b) carnasion c) carnashun d) carnation




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