1) It is the interior of the cell, contains the organelles, cell jelly a) Mitochondria b) Chloroplast c) Cytoplasm d) Ribosomes 2) It is the green organelles in plant cells that capture light energy for photosynthesis a) Nucleus b) Chloroplast c) Vacuole d) Cell Wall 3) It is the folded membranes which function to move materials throughout the cell a) Golgi Bodies b) Ribosome c) Cell Membrane d) Endoplasmic Reticulum 4) These are the organelles which make proteins a) Smooth ER b) Ribosomes c) Nucleus d) Lysosome 5) This is the endoplasmic reticulum that does not contain ribosomes a) Cell Wall b) Mitochondria c) Cytoplasm d) Smooth ER 6) These are the storage sacs in the cell which store water, food and wastes a) Ribosome b) Vacuole c) Chloroplast d) Nucleolus 7) This is often called the control center of the cell, has the DNA a) Nucleus b) Lysosome c) Golgi Apparatus d) Rough ER 8) This surrounds the outside of the cell and controls what enters and leaves the cell. a) Tissue b) Mitochondria c) Cell Membrane d) Cytoplasm 9) These organelles convert energy stored in food to energy a) Tissue b) Mitochondria c) Lysosome d) Golgi Apparatus 10) The structures inside of the cell which carry out specific functions for the cells a) Organelles b) ER c) Nuclear Envelope d) Cytoplasm 11) Receives proteins from the ER, packages them, and distributes them around the cell. a) Rough ER b) Golgi Apparatus c) Nucleolus d) Organ 12) The endoplasmic reticulum that contains ribosomes a) Rough ER b) Golgi Apparatus c) Nucleolus d) Tissue 13) The organelles which break down old cell parts and other cell pieces a) Organelle b) Vacuole c) Lysosomes d) Mitochondria 14) Surrounds the outside of a plant cell a) Cytoplasm b) Cell Wall c) Nuclear Envelope d) Ribosomes 15) Small round structure found inside the nucleus where ribosomes are made a) Nucleus b) Lysosome c) ER d) Nucleolus 16) What organelles do plant cells have that animals cells do not a) Golgi Apparatus, Ribosomes b) Cell Membrane, ER c) Cell Wall, Chloroplasts d) Nucleus, Nuclear Envelope 17) A group of similar cells working together to perform a specific function a) Organ System b) Tissue c) Organ d) Cell 18) A group of tissues that work together a) Organ System b) Tissue c) Organ d) Cell 19) A group of organs that work together for a specific function a) Organ System b) Tissue c) Organ d) Cell





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