ayudar en casa - to help in the house, cortar el césped - to cut the grass, cuidar al gato - to take care of the cat, cuidar a los hermanitos - to take care of the siblings, hacer la cama - to make the bed, hacer la tarea - to do the homework, lavar los platos - to wash the dishes, lavar la ropa - to wash the clothes, limpiar - to clean, organizar - to organize, pasar la escoba/barrer - to sweep, pasar la aspiradora - to vacuum, planchar - to iron, poner la mesa - to set the table, quitar polvo - to dust, reciclar papel - to recycle paper, reciclar plástico - to recycle plastic, reciclar vidrio - to recycle glass, sacar la basura - to take out the trash, trabajar en el jardín - to work in the garden,





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