1) _____________ is an economic theory that a country’s strength is measured by the amount of gold it has; a country should sell more than it buys and that the colonies exist for the benefit of the Mother Country. 2) An ___________________ was a person who wanted to end slavery in the United States. 3) A ____________ is a tax on goods brought into a country. 4) A ________________is a tax placed on goods from another country to protect the home industry. 5) _________________ is a strong sense of loyalty to a state or section instead of to the whole country. 6) _________________is the belief that the United States should own all of the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 7) The _______________________was a series of religious revivals in the early 1700s in colonial America. 8) The __________________________was the first representative assembly in the new world. 9) __________________________is the freedom of private businesses to operate competitively for profit with minimal government regulation. 10) __________________________are rights that cannot be given up, taken away or transferred. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are some of those rights. 11) A __________________________ is a form of government that is run for and by the people, giving people the supreme power.

Open the Box: Important Vocabulary (8th STAAR)




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