die - to stop living, egg - a small object produced by a female animal that contains a baby animal, larva - the immature form of an insect that has just hatched from an egg and looks like a worm, life cycle - the series of changes a living thing passes through, mammal - a warm-blooded vertebrate animal that produces milk to feed their young, gives birth to live babies and is covered with fur or hair, mature - fully grown, metamorphosis - the profound change that some animals undergo from hatching or birth to adulthood, pupa - an insect at the stage of development after larva and before its adult form, reproduce - to create offspring, seed - a small object a plant produces that can grow into a new plant, incomplete metamorphosis - a change insects go through with three stages: egg, nymph, adult, mammal - Cats, horses, whales and humans are examples., life span - length of time from birth to death, molting - shedding skin, complete metamorphosis - a change insects go through with four stages; egg, larva, pupa, adult, seedling - young plant, species - a group of organisms that are able to reproduce and share the same characteristics , tadpole - the stage after the egg stage in a frog's life cycle, froglet - the stage in a frog's life cycle after a tadpole, flower - part of the plant where the seeds develop, fruit - holds the seeds of a plant, stage - one of the periods of growth and development of a plant or animal,




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