Ratify - Formal approval of an agreement or contract. , Unalienable Rights - Rights that the government cannot take away., Delegate - An person elected to represent others, Grievance - A complaint of unfair treatment, Republic - a country where the power is held by the people and not a monarch (king), Compromise - Settling difference through an agreement, Constitution  - A system by which a nation is governed, Principle - A belief or truth , Parliament - Law making body in Great Britain, Individual Rights - Synonym for Unalienable rights; rights that a person is born with., Amend - To change, Consent - To say yes, Federalist - Wanted to ratify the constitution, Anti-federalist - Did not want to ratify the constitution, Federal Government - Main political authority over the entire country, Alexander Hamilton - Federalist - wrote the Federalist Papers, James Madison - Federalist and "Father of the Constitution", Patirck Henry and George Mason - Anti-Federalists, Popular Sovereignty - The power of the government rests with the people, Republicanism - The people's power is expressed through voting for representatives,




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