George Washington - first president of the United States, Neutrality - Washington’s plan when it came to foreign countries, olitical Parties are dangerous and avoid all permanent alliances - one piece of advice from Washington’s Farewell Address, Federalists - political party had a loose interpretation of the Constitution, Democratic-Republicans - political party had a strict interpretation of the Constitution, Presidential cabinet - the group of people who give the president advice, Farewell Address - What George Washington delivered at the end of his presidency, John Adams - president during the XYZ Affair, Alien and Sedition Acts - the acts violating our First Amendment rights during John Adams presidency, Judicial Review - Marbury v. Madison, Louisiana Purchase - What is the significance of the date 1803?, Spain - The country the U.S. purchased Florida from, Impressment - The British did this to the Americans before the War of 1812, Native Americans - Group of people the British supplied guns to before the War of 1812, Nationalism - pride in your country, Missouri Compromise - Compromise which Monroe created which divided the North and the South, Monroe Doctrine - the statement Monroe gave to Europe saying they will not colonize in the Americas anymore, John Quincey Adams - 6th president of the United States, Andrew Jackson - 7th president of the United States, Common Man - Group Andrew Jackson represented, Indian Removal Act - law removed Native Americans from the east to Oklahoma, Cherokee - Indian tribe walked the Trail of Tears, South - region which wanted to nullify tariffs,




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