What did the supreme court case Marbury v. Madison establish?, What were the acts violating our first amendment rights during John Adams' presidency?, Who did Andrew Jackson support?, What political party had a loose interpretation of the Constitution?, What did the British do to Americans before the War of 1812?, What was Washington's plan when it came to foreign policy?, What did the British do to the Americans before the War of 1812?, What are the 3 reasons European countries explored and colonized the New World?, Who did the British supply guns to before the War of 1812?, What is the term for having pride in your country?, What did Monroe create which divided the North and the South?, What was the statement Monroe gave to Europe saying they will not colonize in the Americas anymore?, Who was our 6th president?, Who was our 7th president?, What region wanted to nullify tariffs? , What was the first representative government in the colonies?, What group came to Plymouth, MA seeking religious freedom?, What is the significance of the date 1620?, What colonial region was known as the breadbasket?, What law removed Native Americans from the east to Oklahoma?, What group founded Maryland for religious freedom?, What Quaker founded Pennsylvania?, What is the name of the economic system where England controls the trade of the colonies?, What mountains provided a geographical barrier heading west from the colonies?, What is the significance of the Proclamation of 1763?, Why did England tax colonists after the French and Indian War?, What was the slogan of the colonists in response to British taxation?, What act forced colonists to house and feed soldiers?, What Indian tribe walked the Trail of Tears?, What did the tax on tea led the colonists to do?, What was the name of the act that punished Boston colonists for the Boston Tea Party?, What were the first battles of the American Revolution?, What was written in 1776?, Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?, Who wrote Common Sense?, What are your unalienable rights?, What was the turning point in the American Revolution?, What was the final battle of the American Revolution?, What ended the American Revolution, forcing Britain to recognize US Independence?, What was the first constitution of the US that did not work?, What is the significance of the Northwest Ordinance?, In what year was the US Constitution written?, What compromise dealt with how much we count slaves?, What compromise created the Legislative Branch?, What are the 7 Constitutional Principles? (FLIPRCS), What group wanted to ratify the Constitution?, What group demanded a Bill of Rights be added?, What are your 1st Amendment rights?, What is the significance of the 4th Amendment?, What is the significance of the 8th Amendment?.




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