Precedent - A standard to be followed in the future., Cabinet - Official advisers to the president., Domestic Policy - decisions made by the government about what happens in the country, Judicial Review - The power of the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutional., Political Party - A group of people with the same political beliefs that attempt to influence government policy, Republic - a country ruled by representatives of the people, Unconstitutional - government action that violates the rights defined and granted in the constitution, Foreign Policy - A country's ways of dealing with other countries., Neutrality - A policy in which a country does not involve itself in conflicts between other countries., Tariffs - A tax placed on an imported good, Nationalism - Pride in one's own country. , Impressment - Men being captured and made to serve in naval service against their will, Alien - A person from a foreign country; immigrant, Sedition - Encouraging people to rebel against the government, Marbury Vs. Madison - Court case that established Judicial Review, Monroe Doctrine - Policy warning Europe to stop colonizing North and South America,




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