1) (1939 - 1945) A war fought in Europe, Africa and the Pacific between the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers a) World War II b) United Nations c) Pearl Harbor d) internment e) atomic bomb f) Holocaust 2) a naval base in Hawaii that was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941, forcing the U.S to enter WWII a) atomic bomb b) D-Day c) Pearl Harbor d) home front e) island hopping f) United Nations 3) Allied military strategy of conquering Pacific islands that were important to the advance toward Japan a) atomic bomb b) island hopping c) rationing d) Pearl Harbor e) totalitarianism f) home front 4) The governments of Germany, Italy, and Japan before World War II used a political system in which the government,or dictator, has total control over the lives of individual citizens. a) rationing b) United Nations c) totalitarianism d) Pearl Harbor e) democracy f) Holocaust 5) an international organization formed after WWII to promote international peace, security, cooperation and promote human rights, the freedom and security that belongs to all people a) island hopping b) internment c) totalitarianism d) United Nations e) atomic bomb f) home front 6) weapon used by United States on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an effort to quickly end WWII a) rationing b) Pearl Harbor c) home front d) atomic bomb e) totalitarianism 7) a mass slaughter of Jews and other civilians, carried out by the Nazi government of Germany before and during World War II. a) rationing b) Holocaust c) home front d) Pearl Harbor e) democracy f) internment 8) In reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor, a policy of putting Japanese-Americans in detention camps during World War 2 a) rationing b) United Nations c) internment d) World War II e) home front f) D-Day 9) the limiting of the amounts of goods people can buy, often used during wartime, when goods are in short supply a) home front b) atomic bomb c) Holocaust d) rationing e) D-Day f) World War II 10) Allied invasion on June 6, 1944 to take back France from Germany a) D-Day b) Holocaust c) Pearl Harbor d) Totalitarianism e) island hopping f) World War II




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