1) A narrative is... a) an essay. b) a story. c) argumentative writing. 2) What is a person, animal, object, or supernatural being that takes place in the action of a story? a) setting b) plot c) dialogue d) character e) Harry Potter f) theme 3) What is the academic term for a conversation had between characters in a narrative? a) talking b) convo c) dialogue d) spilling the tea 4) A theme is not... a) one word. b) a broad topic. c) a summary. d) specific details about characters or events from a story. e) a universal lesson about life. 5) How can we analyze a character's development in a narrative? a) Actions, Looks, Impressions, Speech, Thoughts b) Animals, Lizards, Iguanas, Snakes, Tigers c) Activities, Lifestyle, Igloos, Surroundings, Theater d) Atoms, Lines, Inca, Science Fiction, T-Rex 6) Which of these contains a sensory detail (imagery)? a) "And then, because hot tears have sprung to my eyes, I give the twins' water bucket a hard kick and march across the yard for home." b) "The upside of being grounded for a week is hard hard to find, except maybe that you start to appreciate any kind of fun, even if it's in the form of a homework project." c) "We've started a unit on hieroglyphics." d) "I look at my pen pal assignment: Lena, who sits in the front row and cracks her knuckles." 7) Which quotes are embedded correctly? a) "What are you doing." Roli asks me. b) "I busted his lip, Edna," I told her. "Not his toenails." c) "He pauses. "School and stuff." d) "What does that mean?" I ask. 8) A theme is... a) a topic. b) a statement. c) a universal lesson. d) a hidden message in a text. e) a summary. f) details about specific characters or events from a story. 9) Which of the following are examples of themes? a) Bullying b) It is important to include everyone, even if they are different from you. c) To achieve greatness, we must work hard. d) To fail is human, to give up is lame. e) Merci has a brother named Roli. 10) Which of these are strong transitional phrases? a) So then... b) Next we... c) After we realized our mistake... d) As soon as the alarm went off... e) So like after that... f) In a flash, we...





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