1) (Nigdy nie grasz)_ football with us. a) You never play b) You've never play c) You never played 2) I can't (otworzyć) my front door.  a) unlock b) unlocked c) opened d) unclose 3) I think __________ into town this afternoon, but I need to talk to my parents first.  a) I'm going to go b) I'll go c) I'm going 4) __________ anything tonight. What about you? a) I'm not doing b) I don't do c) I must 5) My father tries (rzucić) smoking every month. a) gave up b) to surrender c) to give up 6) I like spending time __________ countryside. a) on b) at c) in 7) It's too far to go __________ a) on foot b) by foot c) at foot 8) My mother (nienawidzi się opalać). a) hates sunning b) hates sunbathing c) doesn't like sunbathing 9) What ______________________ about? You look dreamy... a) you think b) are you thinking c) do you think 10) Tim Berners-Lee is the man (który wynalazł) the world wide web in 1990.  a) which invented b) who has invented c) who invented 11) The museum (otwiera się) at 9 a.m. from Tuesday to Saturday. a) opens b) is open c) is opening 12) They (just/finish) eating dinner so they are not hungry.  a) have just finished b) had just finished c) just finished 13) My brother (enjoy/read) about people who have changed the world. a) enjoys reading b) enjoy reading c) enjoys to reading 14) Was there __________ food left after the party? a) many b) much c) a few 15) How much money __________ on clothes since Saturday? a) did you spent b) have you spend c) have you spent 16) Maria said that she wants __________ John. a) seeing b) to see c) to seen 17) (Wchodziliśmy) into the building when we saw the band.  a) were walking b) walked c) have walked 18) What (byś zrobił) if you saw your favourite rock star? a) would you do b) will you do c) are you doing




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