1) I _______________ on the playground, when the accident _________________. a) was, happend b) was, happened c) were, happened d)  where, happened 2) Jack _________________ a shower, when the water _____________ cold. a) took, turned b) took, was turning c) was taking, turned d) was takeing, turned 3) _________ you _______ the man in the blue suit when you _______________ home? a) Did _________ saw, was going b) Did _________ see, went c) Were _________ seeing, were going d) Did ________ see, were going e) Did _________ see, was going 4) Paul ___________________ an interesting book while Jessica ___________________ German. a) was reading, were studying b) was reading, was studying c) were reading, were studing d) read, was studying e) read, studied 5) His grandmother _____________________ pies all morning. She ________________ one to a neighbour. a) was makeing, gave b) were making, gaved c) were making, gave d) was making, gave e) was making, gaved 6) Paul ____________________ when he _____________ his keys. a) didn't ran, lost b) didn't run, lost c) wasn't runing, lost d) wasn't running, lost e) was'nt running, losed 7) His cousins ________________ computer games all day long. They _______________ to do their homework. a) were playing, forgot b) was playing, forgoted c) where playing, forgetted d) played, forgot e) plaied, were forgot 8) People _________________ coffee while I _________________ around in my new car. a) were drinking, was driveing b) drank, drived c) were drinking, was driving d) drunk, drove e) where drinking, drove




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