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Comparatives Random cards
Past Simple (+ -)
Past Simple (+ -) Random cards
Present Perfect Race Game
Present Perfect Race Game Random cards
Learning English Discussion
Learning English Discussion Random wheel
E5 U6 L4. Must/Mustn't. Boxes
E5 U6 L4. Must/Mustn't. Boxes Open the box
English Alphabet
English Alphabet Random cards
Articles True or false
Third conditional
Third conditional Match up
Present Passive
Present Passive Random cards
Unit 3_lesson 2
Unit 3_lesson 2
[BE B1+/B2][Revision][Conditionals]
[BE B1+/B2][Revision][Conditionals] Random cards
form 6_unit 3 _lesson 1
form 6_unit 3 _lesson 1 Match up
Jobs Match up
Questions Random wheel
[IT English A1+/A2] [Module 5] [L3] [WU] [KM]
[IT English A1+/A2] [Module 5] [L3] [WU] [KM] Gameshow quiz
[IT English B1+/B2] [Module 4] [L1] [AI]
[IT English B1+/B2] [Module 4] [L1] [AI] Random cards
[IT A2+/B1] [Lesson 1] [ICE-BREAK] [IA]
[IT A2+/B1] [Lesson 1] [ICE-BREAK] [IA] Random cards
11 C Agree with 'neither' or 'so'
11 C Agree with 'neither' or 'so' Open the box
[IT English B1+/B2] [Module 3] [L3] [AI]
[IT English B1+/B2] [Module 3] [L3] [AI] Group sort
Present Simple BE
Present Simple BE Random cards
Unit 3_lesson 1
Unit 3_lesson 1 Balloon pop
Past Simple Race Game
Past Simple Race Game Random cards
[BE B1+/B2] [Revision Units 3-7]
[BE B1+/B2] [Revision Units 3-7] Open the box
Unit 3_lesson 1
Unit 3_lesson 1 Match up
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