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Cial or tial

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tial cial word endings
tial cial word endings Random wheel
-cial words Y5
-cial words Y5 Match up
Flip tiles ear or
Flip tiles ear or Flip tiles
a or an
a or an Group sort
odd or even
odd or even Flip tiles
Physical or human geography?
Physical or human geography? Group sort
or words
or words Open the box
Simile or Metaphor
Simile or Metaphor Flip tiles
Quiz - Fact or Opinion
Quiz - Fact or Opinion Quiz
ar and or digraphs
ar and or digraphs Group sort
Battery or Mains Sort
Battery or Mains Sort Group sort
Vertebrate or invertebrate
Vertebrate or invertebrate Group sort
ai or ay
ai or ay Group sort
capital or revenue
capital or revenue Group sort
Alive or not alive
Alive or not alive Whack-a-mole
Comma splice or fine?
Comma splice or fine? Quiz
Arctic or Antarctic Animals?
Arctic or Antarctic Animals? Find the match
Alive or Not Alive
Alive or Not Alive True or false
or and aw
or and aw Flip tiles
Input or output?
Input or output? Quiz
hour or minute hand
hour or minute hand Group sort
Object or material?
Object or material? Group sort
Indefinite article - "a" or "an"
Indefinite article - "a" or "an" Group sort
Direct or Indirect speech
Direct or Indirect speech Categorize
muscles or ........?
muscles or ........? Find the match
Higher or lower y4
Higher or lower y4 Flip tiles
alkane or alkene
alkane or alkene Group sort
oa or ow
oa or ow Group sort
singular or plural possession
singular or plural possession Group sort
fire -  friend or foe
fire - friend or foe Find the match
element, compound or mixture
element, compound or mixture Flip tiles
Simple past or past progressive
Simple past or past progressive Word magnets
Magnetic or not
Magnetic or not Group sort
Adjectives Or Verbs
Adjectives Or Verbs Random wheel
by Anonymous
le or el
le or el Crossword
Manager or Leader
Manager or Leader True or false
Hear or here
Hear or here Missing word
question or statement
question or statement Simple tiles
Triangles True or False
Triangles True or False Categorize
igh alien or real
igh alien or real Find the match
Half or Not?
Half or Not? Group sort
exclamation or command
exclamation or command Simple tiles
Metaphor or simile
Metaphor or simile Group sort
Fact or Opinion
Fact or Opinion Group sort
Conjunction or Adjective
Conjunction or Adjective Group sort
Assets or Liabilities - AAT
Assets or Liabilities - AAT Group sort
Categoric or continuous
Categoric or continuous Categorize
/e/ or /i:/ ?
/e/ or /i:/ ? Group sort
wr or r
wr or r Wordsearch
f,v or th?
f,v or th? Group sort
singular or plural?
singular or plural? Group sort
ee or ea
ee or ea Group sort
ionic or covalent
ionic or covalent Flip tiles
past or present
past or present Group sort
Suffix 's' or 'es'?
Suffix 's' or 'es'? Group sort
Comma or full stop Group sort
Comma or full stop Group sort Group sort
converting measures T or F
converting measures T or F Group sort
Or Ore Oor Sort
Or Ore Oor Sort Group sort